5 Tips to Organise a Busy Family

Could you do with more time?

If you are looking after a busy family, wishing you had more time is a thought that no doubt crosses your mind every night. It can feel like you have another career as a project manager at home. Every child has their own schedule that you need to manage, the house needs to be cleaned and on top of that, you have your own life to look after!
It is not a surprise then that working mothers are 18% more stressed than any other group.
The reality is that we can't change the fact that there is always something else that needs doing.But there are simple ways in which you can cut down on stress.
Want to know how to organise your family life? Read on to find out the answers.

1. Keep it together

There is always something that needs doing in a busy family, and we're not only talking about the household chores. Errands need to be run, presents need to be bought and appointments need to be kept, so for the first of our family organisation ideas, we suggest that you have one point in the house where everything gets kept.

By keeping important documents together it saves you the most precious of all gifts in a busy family, TIME. If you make yours near a cabinet you can also fill it with thank you or birthday cards, small presents and other things that you can stock up on that avoid you running to the store last minute. Check out what our Family Command Centre board looks like here!

2. Write it down

If you feel like you spend half your time putting your palm on your forehead because you have forgotten something you are not alone. Busy lives make it so easy to lose track of what's sorted and what is still to do. So for our second tip for busy families, we have to go with a classic. Write it down.

When we decide to write something down it serves three purposes. The first is reducing something that any parent could do with less of - anxiety.

They also give us structure and a feeling of accomplishment. When you know that something is done, you can stop feeling like a failure because you forgot about one of the kid's extracurricular classes or a doctor's appointment.

Some have a physical calendar on the wall of the week or month, others prefer to keep it mobile and share lists between the couple to avoid scheduling clashes.

Do whatever works for you. But keep it consistent and you will reap the benefits fairly quickly.Who knows, you may even be able to spot a space in advance for that all-important "you" time. Just make sure to book that in too!

3. Get ahead of schedule

Staying on the theme of organising your time, the most intensive all-action moments tend to be in the morning. What we wouldn't do just to savour a few moments more in tucked up in bed!

But it is possible to buy time in the morning by making good use of the night before.

Rarely are we not sure about what to expect the next day. Our work schedule is more or less set, the kids need dressing and everyone needs breakfast. So why not get it done the night before?

If the kids don't have a uniform or on the weekend, get them to help by them choosing what they want to wear before going to bed. When they finally take up residence in the land of nod, you can arrange your own clothes and have everything set up for breakfast in the morning before you hit the hay.

It may seem like a lot to do when all you may want is to put your feet up in the evening, but it only takes a few moments. And once you get into the routine the feeling of waking up, knowing that half your work is already done is priceless. Try it for yourself!

4. Clean Smarter

Looking after a household can seem like it only involves cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! So we couldn't have a family organisation hacks list for busy families without tackling this elephant in the room.

Clearing up and regular cleaning in a home is expected. But if it is causing you stress and anxiety, then you need to do something different.

Could the root cause be that you have too much stuff? Analyse over a week or month what you actually use as a family. If you find that a lot of the stuff that is being moved around regularly isn't being used, but is just "in the way", be ruthless and get rid of it.

Short power cleans are also another surprisingly effective tactic. Just think about how quickly you get things in order when the doorbell rings unexpectedly or your in-laws tell you that they are popping around!

Use up that dead time when you are waiting for something to defrost in the microwave or during the ads on TV to blitz a room. That will stop your weekend from seeming to be nothing but housework.

The last word on this is to consider getting a cleaner, even if it is just from time to time. Seriously! For the price of a night out, you can negate the stress levels knowing that your home will look spick and span and save yourself time in the process. If that isn't worth it, we don't know what is!

5. Work as a team

Sometimes we can be guilty of taking on all the heavy lifting at home, which can be exhausting. But are you taking full advantage of what you have at your disposal? Especially with younger children, we often have willing helpers when it comes to getting things done.

Aim to cultivate the "all hands on deck" mentality from an early age by assigning your little ones tasks. You will be surprised just how much they can do! If you paired up a younger one with an older sibling also creates the added benefit of them developing teamwork skills that will last them a lifetime.

A family where everyone is clear about what needs to be done leaves no room for arguments and conflict, important factors in cultivating a peaceful home environment.

A busy family can still be a happy family

We can't change the fact that family life with kids can feel like a whirlwind. But putting certain things in place can help you weather the storm. These very small changes can do a world of good for you and your family. So which ones will you be putting into practice in your home?

We hope that you have enjoyed our busy family hacks. We at Organising Life Beautifully are dedicated to helping you have an easier life through our beautiful range of planners.

Check out our organising collection and start planning in style today!

Sharon Grant - 20 September 2021

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