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If you love the look of our large format wall planners and calendars but can't get one shipped to your location, create your own wall planner might be the solution you're looking for. 

To create your own wall planner all you need is one of our beautiful planner prints and a frame with glass. 

We recommend that you source a frame in your local area and when you've found the perfect frame for you, order the print you love to fit the frame. It's as simple as adding a photo to a frame, just on a larger scale.

Please note

  • this listing is not for a magnet fridge planner.
  • the frames shown in the images are for demonstration purposes - they are not included in this option


Print sizes

  • Medium – 50 x 70 cm 
  • Large - 60 x 90 cm  

What you get

We'll send you a beautiful planner print that's ready to be added to your frame. 

The Classic Black Calendar includes a monthly layout, messages, things to do and coming up sections. 

  • Write on the glass (of the frame) - just like a whiteboard.
  • Use liquid chalk or a whiteboard marker.
  • Wipe clean with a damp microfibre cloth, polish with windex & paper towel.


Remember that you don't write on the print. The print stays behind the glass and is used as a guide so you know where to write. 

  1. When you first open the frame, thoroughly clean the glass with windex and paper towel. Then polish with a microfibre cloth to remove any streaks. Make sure the glass is 100% dry before you add the print - if there's any moisture, it will damage the print and it can not be fixed.
  2. Large format frames can be found at Spotlight stores and dollar stores like Dollar King, Home Base etc. You will need to make sure the size matches the print size that you order e.g. 50x70cm or 60x90cm.

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