Meet Aussie Online Entrepreneur and organising superstar - Sharon Grant

Organising Life Beautifully offers Australia's widest range of reusable planners, calendars and charts for kids. With a focus on sustainability, functionality and beautiful designs. Each and every design is considered and supports the organising and planning challenges faced by our customers.

Sharon says "We are passionate about exceeding customer expectations and producing high quality, beautiful products that will stand the test of time".

Organising Life Beautifully was founded in 2014 by Sharon Grant and is run out of a beautiful studio in Canberra. Originally known as ATP Creative Design, Sharon began making planners as a side hustle to her full-time job. From humble days at markets, meeting and being inspired by customers, Sharon jumped at the chance to became a corporate dropout in early 2020, just as Covid hit.

As event after event was cancelled the decision to jump head first into full time business ownership was stressful and uncertain. In retrospect, taking the leap has been the best decision Sharon ever made and as a result Organising Life Beautifully has grown month after month and is a thriving Australian Small Business. 


Sharon | Founder & Designer

Dreamer, maker, doer and wearer of all hats, Sharon is the face behind the brand. 

An introvert at heart, Sharon loves to lose herself in design and can spend hours sourcing, creating and perfecting her designs. Sharon loves to hear from customers and in often inspired to create new products based on their needs. Sharon is passionate about the business and absolutely loves being her own boss. 

Sharon and Steve have been married 'forever' and have 3 awesome kidults. As they're all grown up, Organising Life Beautifully is her baby and she treasures it and all that it's brought to her life. 

What is your favourite thing about OLB?
I have a great boss (hahahaha). Honestly I love being inspired by customers, helping them to overcome challenges and developing products that support their lives. 

Favourite OLB product?
That's like asking who my favourite child is - it totally depends on the day (haha). I do love our command centres, they're a one-stop organising hub and will keep the busiest family organised. I also love the new essential planners, especially the simplicity of design and beautiful colour palette. 

Favourite organising tip/hack
Only touch something once. If you pick something up, action it, file it, put it away or throw it away. I really hate shifting things to only have to shift them again.

What do you think people need to know about OLB that they may not know?
We are a small but passionate team who love what we do. We care about our customers and want to make a positive impact on people's lives. 

Steve | Logistics

The man with the muscle who will do absolutely anything, anytime you ask. Steve is Sharon's greatest supporter and is a customer favourite when we're at the markets. 

Steve is a keen golfer and takes every available opportunity to get on the course. Rain, hail or shine, Steve is there with a smile on his face. 
When he's not golfing and helping Organising Life Beautifully, Steve works in HR in the Australian Public Service.

What is your favourite Organising Life Beautifully product? Steve has 2 favourites, the monthly fridge calendar keeps me up to date on what's happening and the 2nd is the shopping list. Steve says " yes these are in my phone too, but I never look at them. I can't miss them when they're on the fridge".

What is your favourite thing about being part of Organising Life Beautifully? I love hearing the reviews from customers who love using the products as much as Sharon enjoys creating them. I also love seeing the passion that Sharon brings to Organising Life Beautifully and see the hard work and dedication she has and the satisfaction her work gives her. 

What are you most looking forward to with Organising Life Beautifully this year? I have seen Organising Life Beautifully grow from a small hobby to a business that has gone from strength to strength. I'm looking forward to seeing the business continue to grow, the joy it brings Sharon and how it helps our customer's lives. 


One of our proudest achievements has been gaining Australian Made accreditation.

Our reusable planners, calendars and kids charts are all designed in-house by Sharon and manufactured in Australia. 


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