• Our Magnet Planners are designed in-house and manufactured in Australia.
  • Magnet planners are flexible and will stick to your fridge, even if it's curved. 
  • We have a large range of magnet planner sizes, see our size guide for measurements.
  • Please check your fridge prior to ordering as magnet planners do not work on all fridge types. If a household magnet attaches to your fridge, our planners will too. 
  • The magnets are flexible and return to their flat shape even after being bent and they can withstand a maximum temperature of 80°C. 
  • To flatten any bumps in your planner, place it in a warm sunny spot to soften. It may help to use some books or something heavy to keep the corners down. Once it's soft, place it straight on the fridge. If you're in a hurry, a hairdryer can be used on a medium setting to soften the magnet.
  • Fridge Magnet Material is 0.6mm thick commercial grade rubber-iron alloy with high magnesium content for a strong hold on fridges and filing cabinets that does not diminish over the years. 
  • Finished with a clear cellosheen gloss finish, our magnet planners are beautifully finished and protected from fading and getting dirty.
  • Liquid chalk markers are the perfect tool to use on our magnet planners. It writes beautifully on the cello surface and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Whiteboard markers can also be used on most of our products with the exception of the classic black range. 
  • If your fridge doesn't attract magnets, magnet boards can be purchased at Ikea (Svensas), Officeworks etc.