Black Liquid Chalk Markers - Fine 3mm Nib - 3 Pack

3 of our best selling white liquid chalk colours. The most versatile colour that will stand out everywhere.


My chalk is watery, how do I fix it

There's a small ball bearing in the barrel of your marker, you should be able to hear it moving when you shake your marker. If you can't hear it, the ball needs to be to dislodged - tap the marker firmly on a solid surface a few times e.g. the kitchen bench, then shake the marker vigorously.

The ball bearing moving in the barrel is essential for mixing the chalk and water solution. As always, make sure to shake your marker before each use. 

Why isn't there black and white markers in the packs?

We've deliberately left black and white out of our packs and it's simply due to suitability with our planners. If you purchase a black planner, you don't want a black marker same with a white background and white marker - to save you from having an unusable marker, we've opted to sell them separately.

Sorry but we aren't able to swap marker colours in the packs as they're pre-made.

What surfaces are compatible with chalkboard markers?

Smooth non-porous surfaces work best. Such as: laminated magnet material, glass, metal, plastic, granite, glazed ceramic, porcelain chalkboards, chalkboard contact paper paper, vinyl labels

My chalk isn't bright like the pictures

Please follow the steps above to make sure the ink is well mixed. Shake vigorously prior to each use and in between use, store the marker with thecap up. This stops the chalk from continually saturating the nib. For the first 1 or 2 uses, write with your planner on a bench instead of the fridge - this will help gravity to load the nib for writing.

Can I use them on chalkboard paint?

Generally, chalk markers don’t work well on chalkboard paint. Paint tends to absorb the ink from the markers and it doesn’t erase easily. Though some brands of chalkboard paint may work, we recommend you only write on unpainted, non-porous surfaces.

There are marks left after I tried to erase them – what do I do?

We have introduced the OLB Whiteboard Cleaning Kit which will dissolve the chalk leaving your planner fresh and ready to use.

You can also try using Isopropyl (min 80%). A cleaning wipe for glasses may also do the trick


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Our founder Sharon created reusable planners to solve organising and communication challenges for her busy family.

Sharon has created a range of planners that are functional, practical and beautiful. The collection offers thoughtfully designed layouts with options for families of any size that support modern day family living.

Not your everyday boring corporate planner - OLB's colours are modern and timeless and blend seamlessly with any home decor style. Our collection can't be found elsewhere, the collection is designed in house by Sharon and are unique to Organising Life Beautifully.

We want your planner to be long lasting while still looking great which is why we choose the highest quality magnets available. Feel good about reducing paper waste going to landfill while you enjoy the benefits of an organised life.

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