Kids | Daily Routine Magnets - Visual activity and task guide

Encourage your Childs independence and help guide them through the days activities with daily routine magnets.



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    Will the magnet planner stick on my fridge?

    Magnet planners may not work on all fridge types. Please check your fridge prior to ordering. If a household magnet attaches to your fridge, our planners will too.

    If your fridge doesn't attract magnets, we have a Dry Erase Metal Magnetic Board that's the perfect solution for any room in the house 


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    Can I use other magnets on the planner?

    We do not recommend placing other magnets on top of your planner as they may scratch or damage the surface of the planner. Magnets can also oppose each other making it difficult to place a magnet exactly where you want it to go.

    Can I create my own design?

    Sorry no, personalisation or customisation of layouts is not available.

    Where are the magnets made?

    Our magnet planners are designed in house and proudly manufactured in Australia



    Our founder Sharon created reusable planners to solve organising and communication challenges for her busy family.

    Sharon has created a range of planners that are functional, practical and beautiful. The collection offers thoughtfully designed layouts with options for families of any size that support modern day family living.

    Not your everyday boring corporate planner - OLB's colours are modern and timeless and blend seamlessly with any home decor style. Our collection can't be found elsewhere, the collection is designed in house by Sharon and are unique to Organising Life Beautifully.

    We want your planner to be long lasting while still looking great which is why we choose the highest quality magnets available. Feel good about reducing paper waste going to landfill while you enjoy the benefits of an organised life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Love this but..

    I love this in quality, looks beautiful, and as pictured. But I lay it out so my children can see the whole week and because I do that I wish there were 5 magnets for school. I also wish there was a library one. Would be good if you could purchase extras (the blank cards included just look like an eyesore when I write on them and as my childrens can’t yet read, a bit useless for us)

    Angela K.
    Love it!

    I bought these for my clients who are trying to put routines in place for their children who have a disability. I love how you can start small and work your way up to a full week planned out. I love the colour and size of the visuals. I also love that they are Australian and suitable to our needs! The feedback is that my clients are loving them so far and the night time routine has improved significantly due to the use of the visuals. I'm sure I'll be ordering more! Thank you Organising Life Beautifully!

    Olivia H.
    Great product for my daughter

    I have a special needs daughter and these magnets have been perfect for helping her understand her busy schedule with therapists/appointments. It reduces anxiety around what is happening next. I really like how to pictures correlate to the activity which allows for better understanding. The pictures are really lovely too. I would love it if there was more than one magnet for toilet, but I guess it can be moved around easily. Thank you!